Perform as a Leader

One of the most interesting and beneficial events to take place at Glenard are the frequent talks held in the seminar room by visiting professionals, on topics ranging from getting to know your own mind better, to, most recently, becoming a leader within your own work and everyday life.

Orlaith Carmody, a specialist in communications training and leadership development, spoke just a few weeks ago about various topics, including doing business today, women’s participation in public life, entrepreneurship, education, and parenting.

The talk itself was both an interesting insight into the world of business and work, (one that many of us will be entering in the coming years) and a comforting advice session on how exactly to achieve the goals you want within your own life.

Orlaith made insightful and useful points, emphasising that we shouldn’t be afraid or
ashamed of what we want to achieve, and that we deserve it as much as anyone else. She also explained that every aim can be broken down into the steps of a ladder, where each one gets one step closer to the top; your ultimate goal. Orlaith described in depth about how women generally face more obstacles than men within corporate companies and higher levels of management, but that we shouldn’t let this stop us from aiming high and trying hard to get there.

Overall, the talk was highly enjoyable, and mixed serious and useful advice with just the right amount of humour and personal touch to deliver an insightful and engaging talk that gave everyone present small tips to bring themselves closer to their personal life goals. It was also particularly useful for this stage of university life, where we are trying to figure out what we want to do and where we want to go when it is over.