Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have Wi-Fi?
Yes, in all public areas.
Do I have to bring my own towels and bedding?
The residence provides all towels and bedding. However, if you want to, you are welcome to bring your own and use them.
Are there laundry facilities?
There is a laundry room with coin operated washing machine, dryer, sink & drainer.
Is access to the residence limited to certain times?
The house is open 24/7 to all current residents.
Do I have to return to Glenard every evening?
There is no problem with staying overnight elsewhere.
Can I park my car?
Yes, we have plenty of parking spaces with access to the grounds by automated gates.
Is there somewhere to keep my bike?
Yes, there’s loads of bike storage available for you to use.
Can I receive post?
Definitely; parcels, boxes and letters can be posted to you here.
Are boys allowed to visit the residence?
Yes, boys are welcome to attend all of our public events.
Who is responsible for a guest while they’re on the premises?
You are responsible for your guest. They must be signed in/out for meals and follow all regulations while here.
If I stay in Glenard do I have to attend activities organised in Glenard?
All activities of a cultural, social, spiritual and craic nature are optional.
What appliances are available in the kitchenette 24/7?
Microwave, kettle, Nespresso machine, fridge, sandwich maker and toaster.
Will I be sharing a room?
No, all our bedrooms are single bedrooms; there is no option for shared rooms.
Can I personalise my own room?
Yes, as long as you return it to its original state when you check out. If not, damage charges will apply.
Can I keep a fridge or food in my room?
For health and safety reasons all food is left in the kitchenette. Residents respect each other’s food items so you will always have access to it.
Who is responsible for cleaning my room?
You are! Cleaning supplies are available and Residence Assistants are on hand to advise.
Who cleans the communal areas?
Glenard Household Services staff clean the communal areas. We ask that everyone leaves communal areas clean and tidy after they use them.
Where can I smoke?
Our building is smoke-free but you’re welcome to smoke in the patio or outside the house.
Can I arrange for my friends to also live at Glenard?
Yes, you can recommend us to your friends as long as everyone applies to Glenard individually.
Do you cater for diets?
Not all dietary requirements can be catered for. Some diets may incur an extra charge. Contact us for more information.

What they say ….

“Glenard’s proximity to UCD, study rooms and relaxed environment provided me with the perfect place to study and enjoy my final year of University.”
Aoife Phelan (Co. Tipperary), UCD