Helping refugees in Barcelona

Somebody once cleverly said “The bad news is that time flies. But the good news is that you are the pilot.” That’s why some of the 2016/17 residents have decided to fly to Barcelona this Summer, to be the pilots during a WOW few days in El Raval.

When you think about the summer months out of college you may think ‘down time’ -rest, relax with friends, enjoy the Irish Summer (!), maybe even travel a little bit…the time of the year when you can think about catching up and doing your own thing… like watching all those Netflix serials that you didn’t have time to fit in during the academic year.

And let me tell you that you are right, but we also wanted to add another factor: SHARE.  On this Spanish trip we are going to share our most precious possession, namely time. We are going to work the Missionary Sisters of Charity in their House in El Raval helping out in their soup kitchen to feed the homeless. We will also volunteer in a disadvantaged district of the city painting houses and sharing Irish Culture and traditions with the locals there.

A super busy time… because as well as all of that, we are going to enjoy good company, wonderful weather of Spain, its beautiful beaches, its friendly citizens, its culture and, most importantly, its delicious TAPAS.

So Yes! we are the pilots of our own time, and this summer we are not going to let that time slip by without giving back a little to those more in need. When we get back we will keep you up to speed on how we faired on our flying visit to this wonderful city of Barcelona